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Who We Are

Blackstar International Media is dedicated to creating and streaming positive media content to viewers across the African Diaspora and is also the home of Empress Nelly Music. We are dedicated to promoting local, international, news, music, entertainment and informational content that uplifts, elevates, enlightens and broadens viewers perspectives. We're building bridges through positive media content worldwide! Our strategic objectives are to carve out a niche which not only addresses, but also highlights talented new and upcoming artists with positive and uplifting content.

We understand our path is not the easiest road to travel especially when considering the nature of today’s music industry and it’s mostly negative content coupled with a lot of commercially manufactured artists whose content at best can be described as shallow and depraved in some cases. With this in mind, we’ve deliberately chosen to work with indie and local artists who have a positive vision, message and content to share with the world! Our aim is to drive unification through positive Muzikal Vibes and build bridges with great music globally.

Blackstar International Media
Crowd at a Concert
Wall of Old Records
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