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We're Featuring Reggae Artist: South Africa's Own RAS BPK

Petrus Kaota also known as Ras BPK started singing at the age of four with his Grandfather and his sisters who were already in school. At school, he joined the School Choir at Mdlokovana Primary School, in Transkei in 1984, and then moved to Botshabelo in the Free State Province. In 1986, Ras BPK also joined the choir at Kgorathuto Secondary School under the late Mr. Sidyiwo as he was living in that location between 1986 and 1993.

Ras BPK was also involved in other choirs like Peace Makers Chior under Mrs. Mannosi and also the Lion Stars Boys Choir under the late Mr. Mohau Nthatisi. After that, he decided to shift over to instrumental music. Apart from being a novice in instrumental music at the time, Ras BPK was also faced with financial strain because his aim had been to make an album later that year as he had a chance to share a stage with the legendary William Mr. “Everything” Mthethwa, an opportunity that contributed a lot in his music journey.

In the Year, 2000, Ras BPK recorded his first disco/pop album entitled “Dance for the Music” at Grey Elephant Studio in Johannesburg. After struggling to get a record deal because of self-funding his album project, that album got him recognition in the music industry due to his performances at big venues and meeting a lot of other professional artists as he performed around Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sebokeng and around Bloemfontein.

Ras BPK then met with two guys whose aim was to form a Kwaito group and the group was called The Beat Masters Connection. Ras BPK was nominated to be the group’s producer however, the group struggled again because they didn't have a manager or any financial backing. In 2003, Ras BPK and the group managed to finance a new album entitled “Time Bomb” and the group was lucky to be signed under TK Production in Johannesburg. TK Production published and distributed the group’s music but TK Production and the group soon parted ways as the group’s expectations ultimately were not met.

Ras BPK and the group then went back to promoting themselves. After that, Ras BPK decided to go solo for a while. In 2009, he joined a new reggae group in Toughlaagte already doing reggae music under David Yaso. Ras BPK excelled in the new group and developed a good relationship with David Yaso, who shares the same sentiments of taking Reggae to the world. Ras BPK has travelled a lot since joining the group and has been able to perform in different places. Till today, Ras BPK and the group are still together even though he still does his own solo music projects which he has high intensions of spreading globally. Connect with Ras BPK on Social Media:

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