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We're Featuring The UK's #1 Reggae Presenter, DJ, Events and Talk Show Host! I-Jahstars

I-Jah Stars is a British based Reggae Music Presenter & Radio Host, judge on Britain's Got Reggae, Event Host and MC. Hosting two weekly shows on Reech Live Radio broadcasting worldwide from the UK. I Jah Stars is set to take the media world by storm. Born in Saint Andrews, August town I Jah Stars grew up surrounded by sound systems and entertainers and knew from an early age, he wanted to be in the music industry. From the age of 16, he started writing songs and formed a small Sound system with his friends, which has now turned into a recording studio. This love of music now turn into record production owning label Ijahstars Records. I Jah Stars continues to write songs, but has developed a flair for hosting. He is particularly passionate about showcasing new talents and sharing music from around the world.


His Flaming Mondays and Spotlight hour show is used to facilitate this. It generates a lot of positive vibes and energy and is very popular with listeners of all ages not only from the UK, but countries like Malawi, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa, America and Caribbean and across Europe. The Mindset’ is thought provoking and takes reggae music back to its roots, by playing niabinghi music, debating topical issues and introducing extra-ordinary talents to the masses, live and direct and gives listeners an insight into their history, current music, opinions and future aims. This show has been described as ‘informative’, ‘lively’ and ‘powerful’ to name a few by some of his listeners. I Jah Stars has interviewed industry personalities like Mutabaruka, veteran artists like Maxi Priest, Junior Reid, Luton Fyah, Jah Bouks, Perfect Giddimani, Bugle, Aron Slik, Mikey General, and Biggaton, along with up coming artists like Empress Nelly, Young shanty, Kmetic Nyne, Empress Minot, Ras Kaeno, Queen Salma, KRE The King, plus so many more! Underpinning his shows is a message of togetherness and equality.

The “Mindset” is a music oriented show and platform for new promising and upcoming reggae artists from across the globe. Unique and spiritual. You can now listen to the latest interviews, reasoning sessions plus more on his newly launched Podcasts streaming on Apple, Amazon and Spotify, links below! Nothing but positive influence and vibration always! Check out #vertical #themindset.


Flaming Mondays: 7 pm-10 pm UK time. The Mindset: Wednesdays, 7 pm-10 pm UK time, Listen live! Just click the link: on Reech Live Radio Social Media Links: Twitter

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