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Featuring Houston Based Reggae Artist: Donya A.k.a Donya Singing

Born Rodderrick Emmanuel Toler into the Gullah Culture, Donya’s parents moved into the mainland off the sea Islands of N.C , GA and S.C. Donya was born on Mainland St Helena in Fayetteville N.C. With his father hailing from St Croix (Cruzan). It didn’t take much for Donya to adapt to the roots and culture of Jamaica as Bob Marley, Third World, Peter Tosh and dubs along with Soul R&B formed Donya's musical influences. Being part of the hip hop era, Donya took KRS one as his favorite with Boogie Down Productions (BDP) Jamaican Roots igniting straight fire. Donya began selecting at parties at 13 years of age and started to write songs and dj at 14 years old and his first name was (12th wonder king of thunder). Years later, Rodski became his Emcee name while joining Blackstar Int Media’s I-Victory and Claudius Mashup to form H-Town’s Interceptor Sound System. Donya later linked up with the Lionz Den Crew and was given the name Don Aready (Done Already) because to his friends, one just needed to suggest something or say it one time to Donya and it was done. Donya always felt like a sufferer so his name Donya actually means (Down Here) in the ghetto where we suffer.

In 2018, at Blackstar Recording Inc. Studio, Donya recorded Nah Nah Nah and Move Dat Body and as Donya’s voice matured, Donya gravitated towards the singjaying Jamaican style of reggae to join the likes of Wayne Wonder, Sugar Minott, Sizzla, Anthony B, Lexus, Major Riley and Mr Vegas, Donya had finally formed his unique style. While in Kingston, Jamaica, Donya and Mr Flava Collin Greenwood linked up and recorded Ganja Weed a song dedicated to all herb smokers and legalize the ganja, and other songs but up to date Higher Heights is the song that’s causing a motion by Donya and Mr Flava. Higher Heights is what Donya strives for.

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