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New 2020 Release Alert! "The Militancy Code: #RBG" -Empress Nelly Ft. I-Victory

The Militancy Code:#RBG just released by Empress Nelly was written to reach out to all Pan Africans worldwide and to encourage us to never forget who we are. We are children of the sun, children of Mama Africa! We maybe distant from Mama, but we are still all long lost family.

Our unity is our strength, especially in light of all the racism, tribalism, division, hatred, self hatred, police brutality and murder we face daily. Love and Protect each other. This message is not for everyone! Our ancestors such as Marcus Garvey and those before him, spoke of unity of our people. It's time we live up the mighty people we are.

Unity, Strength, Peace, Love and Light Family!

Written/Composed By: Empress Nelly (BMI)/I-Victory (BMI).

Song Arrangements: Empress Nelly/I-Victory (BMI).

Record Label: Blackstar International Media.

Recorded at Blackstar Recording Inc.

Cover Riddim Produced by IPappi GH

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