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Featuring Jamaican Reggae Artist: Mr. Flava

Mr. Flava (Colin Alrick Greenwood) is a Jamaican Reggae Artist who hails from Islington in the parish of St. Mary. He attended Water Valley Primary School and Islington Secondary School. He started doing music at a tender age; performing for family members, friends, and also small shows in the community. After leaving school, he realized that the best place for an artist to be recognized is in Kingston, so he relocated to Fletcher's Land (Kingston) and started going to studios. Mr. Flava began performing in lots of shows such as the West Kingston Jamboree, an annual show held in Tivoli Garden, Fletcher's Land Jamboree, another annual show held in Fletcher's Land. he has also performed in Al Man Town Jamboree, another annual show that is held in Al Man Town. Mr Flava has also performed at the "St Mary mi come from", annual show held in St Mary, champion in action, including many charity shows and has either opened for or shared the stage with almost every top artist in the reggae/dancehall industry. Mr. Flava is ready for the World!



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