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We're Featuring Jabarii Music!

Shacquille Shaw ( born 17th March 1995) popularly known as Jabarii, is a promising Jamaican upcoming Reggae Artist. Jabarii is originally from Clarendon (Jamaica) he was born and raised in the community of "Top Alston". He attended the Knox College high School then moved to Edwin Allen High School, Jabarii got his inspiration for music in November 2017 when a friend challenged him to write a song he then wrote the song and recorded his first single "Stay". Jabarii's favorite Artist is the legend Bob Marley because of the wailing music he sang and the message he had to offer, young Jabarii has worked with music production such as: Da works, Calico mix machine & Poping music with them the Artist recorded songs such as:

1. The Story Of The HandCart Bwoy

2. Rebel Up

3. No Love

4. Dangerous girl

Just to name a few....


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